Monday, March 24, 2014

Is Yelling the New Spanking for Parents? 5 Tips for Screaming-Prone Moms and Dads

by Jim Daly

small-girlincarParenting children at any stage can be a real challenge. From the toddler who throws a lay-flat-on-the-floor-and-cry tantrum to the school-age brother and sister who won’t stop fighting, parents regularly navigate a wide array of situations that require dealing with unacceptable behavior.

The Today Show recently ran an interesting post exploring a growing trend among parents to manage these discipline issues through screaming rather than spanking. Maybe this tendency is due to a growing reluctance among some moms and dads to use spanking as a tool of discipline. Maybe it’s because our lives are becoming more hectic and fast-paced, so we have less patience with our kids.

Whatever the reason, most moms and dads will agree that constant yelling is no fun – it’s not what parents prefer to do, and it’s not what kids need. It’s not even an effective parenting strategy.

That begs the question: how can parents curtail the yelling habit? Here’s some advice from Focus’ parenting experts.

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